Tuesday, August 01, 2006 

Changed my home!

its now


Thanks..see you there! :)

Sunday, July 30, 2006 

Design No. 2

My design no. 2

Since most of the computing being done on 1 and 0's so i thought why not make use of them.

The tagline i put again is temporary and will change depending on what guys nad girls want.

I know my design wont get selected...because there are pretty damn good designers in my batch :)..yeah but i am more than delighted to give my contributions to my batch! :)


Design No. 1

Here is my first design for the T-Shirt of my department.

CIS is the name of my department.

And that line "Dont hate me cuz....." is the tagline which will change depending on what the girls and guys want.


Last days in University

Me and my whole batch in university are starting to celebrate the last days in the university. As every day passes, we are going more closer to the termination of our Graduation life.

Anyways, enuff of that, we are designing logos and creating styles to be printed on the T-Shirts that our Computer Engg. department girls and guys were wear. Every graphic guru is putting forward their designs and voting is currently being going on. The best design will be selected and will be published on 140 T-Shirts. :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006 

Strange day!

I worked hard for VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) class, first time i created the programs well before the time. I wanted to show my efforts to the sir today. But in Karachi anything can happen. In night at 3, light went off! and i can never sleep when there is no light. It never came till 7 in the morning. I dont know when i actually slept but i got up at 10 in the morning today ...WTF just because of light i missed my class for which i waited a lot. I then went to the university and to my suprise , my friends told me that sir has not taken the class, he is busy in some work. I was so gutted but then eventually i relaxed after hearing the great news.

Okay thats it for the morning. Later me and my 15 friends gathered in university and we all went to Kaybees to take the treat from our three friends whom birthdays were observed in 40 day offs we had. My restaurant food never wind up if i dont eat prawns. I ate Prawns , Chicken Shashlik , Chilic Chicken , Chicken Handi with my friends. Yeah the bill was not that high as we expected but who cares, i was not the sponser.

Sunday, July 16, 2006 

Zindane's Head Butt Stuff

Zindane Head Butt Game:

More Zindane stuff here:

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 

One week

Yeah just one week left now. Final Year project is in full swing. Digital Signal Processing and Parallel Processing are the two tough subjects we have that i need to give time too. Plus lotsa assignments and other reports that i have to make and just one week left. Time is running so quickly. Have to attend my friend brother's marriage, that will eat up some time too.

I think sometimes maybe somehow we can control the time, but as soon as i decide that i will do all the work on time, i somehow find myself trailing again with time.

Oh God help me...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006 

Sheer Disappointment: Heartbroken but still I salute you!

No problem guys, you played really well. You were great when going forward, you played attacking football. You kicked argentina out. Gave a great fight to italians. With so less superstars you are still able to achieve what the English can't, what the Brazilians can't with all the superstars. Germany i salute you. Prepare for the next world cup. You have got a great chance.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006 

Rooney vs Ronaldo


Ouuch That Hurts!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pathan using a Top-Down Approach

Well if you travel in Karachi's Mini bus, or walk on the road, you will see many pathans here and there. Well its hard for me to differentiate whether they are pathan or afghani but who cares , they both look alike . Anyways , yeah whenever you are going and if you see a beautiful girl here and there , the things you are bound to see in sorroundings are 3 or 4 pathans staring and scanning her from top to bottom without blinking an eye. Same goes for Mini bus. It seems like they are very hungry :S...rarely a pathan wont look at you if you are beautiful. If a pathan doesnot look at you, than it can also mean you are not beautiful :S

Even the girls in Burqah are not safe. Its a fact that i noticed while i was walking on the road. There was a girl wearing a burqah and walking infront of me with her back facing me. She was some distance ahead of me. Five or Six Pathan with Beards on their faces and hats as well (giving an indication to me of a Maulvi) were coming in opposite direction i.e their faces were towards me and her.

I dont know what happened inside me but suddenly a thought came into my mind, hey Fahad..notice those pathans..cmon man notice them....I started noticing the eyes of all of them. Their eyes were totally glued to the girl and when they passed the girl , nearly 3/4 of the heads turned in the direction of the girl. I was speechless :|..dont know what to say next...

Message to all pathan readers : This is not meant to hurt your feelings but this is just the experience that i have gone through with and thought i should share with blog fellows.

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